How to buy a good industrial homogenizer
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The industrial homogenizer is used for tissue dispersion in biotechnology, sample preparation in pharmaceuticals, enzyme processing in the food industry, detection of pesticide residues and veterinary drug residues in food, as well as in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paint and petrochemical industries. industrial homogenizer uses a stainless steel system to It is effective in separating the surface of the sample and the microorganisms contained in the homogenizer, and the sample is contained in a disposable sterile homogenization bag without contact with the instrument, which meets the requirements of fast, accurate and reproducible results.

industrial homogenizer

Working principle of industrial homogenizer.

Precision fit of rotor and stator, working head (made of rotor and stator forging) claw structure, bidirectional suction, high shear efficiency.

Intermittent high-shear dispersion emulsifier is through the rotor high-speed smooth rotation, the formation of high-frequency, strong circumferential tangential speed, angular velocity and other comprehensive kinetic

effect; under the action of the stator, the stator and rotor in a reasonably narrow gap to form a strong, reciprocal hydraulic shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, liquid flow collision and other comprehensive effects, the material in the container cycle reciprocating the above work process, and finally obtain the product.

Features of industrial homogenizer.

Stable operation, low noise, convenient cleaning, mobile and flexible, can be used continuously, the material can be ultra-fine dispersion, emulsification. It can be widely applied to emulsification, homogenization and dispersion of industrial production.

It can make the material liquid in squeezing and research. Strong impact and loss of pressure expansion under the triple action to make the material finely mixed. For milk, soybean milk and other types of dairy beverages, homogenization under high pressure can make the fat globules in the dairy liquid significantly refined, so that its products are easy to digest and absorb after consumption and improve the use value.

In the production of ice cream and other products, it can improve the fineness and looseness of the material liquid, so that its intrinsic texture is significantly improved.

Used in emulsions. Gelatin. Fruit juice. In the production of slurry, it can prevent or reduce the stratification of the liquid, improve the appearance of the liquid, make its color more vivid, aroma more intense, taste more mellow.

lab homogenizer

How to buy industrial homogenizer?

1. Minimum trial amount: the smaller the better, you can save materials. At present, the raw materials of some drugs reach several thousand dollars / gram, the user is of course hoping to use the least material to complete a homogenization experiment. And the experiment is a repeated process, the larger the minimum trial amount, the more wasted material.

2. Homogenization pressure: it is not the higher the pressure the better. For general materials, first of all: in a sense, the higher the pressure, the smaller the particle size of the material can be handled; secondly, the higher the pressure, the more types of materials can be handled, for example, some liquid emulsions only need to be homogenized to less than 100nm at 15,000psi, while some drugs, food, especially liquid suspensions with a certain amount of solid particles, then at least It takes more than 26,000psi to achieve the nanometer level. But do not exclude some materials under high pressure coalescence.

3. Processing effect: Users certainly hope to make the material, one is able to reach the degree of nanometer, the second is the nanometer level at the same time, the distribution is very uniform, rather than some particles are already dozens of nanometers, while some or micron level.
In order to solve this problem, it is recommended that the user in the purchase of industrial homogenizer, let the manufacturer to match the nanoscale filter extruder device, preferably online extruder, offline extrusion is very troublesome.

4. cleaning and sterilization: imported industrial homogenizer, in the cleaning and sterilization is very convenient, it is advisable to consider the best can be online cleaning and sterilization.

5. Do not prevent then from a device noise, safety and other aspects to consider. From the list of users, you can judge whether a device is selling well, the more famous users, the better the quality of this device.

6. manufacturers of industrial homogenizer will generally say that their equipment is very good, it is recommended to let them provide a list of users, and secondly, let them provide relevant results, papers, etc.

By examining the above aspects, you can compare the various aspects of the industrial homogenizer, so that you can decide which equipment you need most.
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