Principles and precautions of manual homogenizer
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The working principle of manual homogenizer: the suspension under high pressure conditions passes through a homogenizing valve with adjustable slits at high speed, and the combined effects of high speed impact, shear and loss of pressure explosion crush the larger particles into very small ones, which are in the range of 0.01 to 2μm in diameter. This purely physical process maintains the original bracketing of the product and, at the same time, obtains a relatively stable emulsion. Therefore, for many years, it has been recognized as the most ideal equipment for ultra-fine powdering and emulsification both at home and abroad. manual homogenizer mixes different textures evenly through the high speed shear knife to make the raw materials blend better with each other, achieve the best emulsification, and play a role in eliminating air bubbles. the higher the power of manual homogenizer, the higher the speed, and the higher the efficiency when making. The longer the main column of the manual homogenizer, the more homogenization capacity is available.

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Maintenance of manual homogenizer:

1. Cleaning of manual homogenizer. Prepare warm water in advance and clean the manual homogenizer directly after homogenizing the product, do not rinse it directly with water to avoid damage caused by water.

2. manual homogenizer should not be used for too long, when the machine body is hot, you should stop the operation as soon as possible to carry out the heat dissipation of the machine body, to avoid burning the motor.

The scope of application of manual homogenizer: wide range of application, can be used for animal and plant tissues, algae, bacteria, yeast, fungi or mold and all kinds of spore body fragmentation, DNA / RNA, protein extraction.

Advantages of manual homogenizer: it can efficiently handle stubborn samples including bones, spores, soil, etc. Each homogenizer cup comes with a homogenizing knife to avoid cross contamination, easy and efficient operation, and better handling of brittle samples.

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Disadvantages of manual homogenizer: it can not handle large volume samples, single sample single processing volume is generally less than 1.5ml, and needs to be used with the corresponding homogenization bag, so the consumables and equipment investment is higher.

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