Principle and use of Homogenize Pump
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Homogenize Pump is a device that efficiently, quickly and uniformly transfers one or more phases (liquid, solid, gas) into a continuous phase (usually liquid) that is immiscible with each other. In general, the phases are immiscible. When external energy input, the two materials reorganize into a homogeneous phase, Homogenize Pump due to the high tangential speed and high-frequency mechanical effect of the rotor rotating at high speed brings strong kinetic energy, so that the material in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor by strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, impact tear and turbulence and other combined effects, the formation of suspension (solid / liquid), emulsion (liquid / liquid) and turbulence. Homogenize Pump so that the immiscible solid phase, liquid phase, gas phase in the corresponding cooked process and the appropriate amount of additives under the joint action, instant uniform fine dispersion emulsification, after high-frequency pipeline high-shear dispersion emulsifier cycle, and finally get a stable high-quality products. The most widely used in the dairy food industry.

Homogenize Pump Manufacturer

Homogenize Pump is widely used in.

1. milk dairy products

2. Beverage yogurt

3. Flavoring sauce

4. Fruit juices and jams

5.Sugar solution

6. Pigments

7. Adhesives

8. Resins

9. Cosmetics



Product parameters.
Equipment GradeChemical grade, sanitary grade I, sanitary grade II, sterile grade
Motor formGeneral motors, variable speed motors, explosion-proof motors, variable speed explosion-proof motors, pneumatic motors
Power supply selection380V/50HZ、220V/60HZ、440V/50HZ
Motor optionsPTC thermal protection, noise reduction type
OptionalLiquid storage tank, drain valve, inverter, electric control box, mobile trolley
Surface treatmentPolished, wear-resistant finish
Import/export linkage formFlanges, screw ports, clamps
Optional containersThis equipment is suitable for a variety of different sizes of containers

Homogenizer Factory

Notes on the process of selecting Homogenize Pump.

1. the upper limit of the table batch treatment volume determination medium is water.

2、The processing capacity depends on the viscosity of the material and the final product quality requirements.

3、Some models have short-range feeding capacity, no self-priming function, must choose a high level of feeding; material viscosity or high solid content can not be normal feeding and conveying, must choose the pressure or transfer pump feeding or feeding, the pressure and flow rate of the transfer pump and the selected model to match;

4、If you encounter difficulties in choosing Homogenize Pump, please consult Changzhou Chaoli, a professional sales engineer will recommend for you.

5、For special requirements such as high temperature, flammable and explosive, corrosion, etc., please confirm in text form and then customize to avoid danger and loss.

6、The data in this table is due to technical improvement, finally please refer to the actual product.

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