The principle and practical application of lab homogenizer
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What is a lab homogenizer?

The homogenization principle of the lab homogenizer: the sample (emulsion or suspension) is passed through the homogenizer valve under high pressure to produce shear, impingement and cavitation. When the sample is passed through the homogenizer valve under high pressure, the sample accelerates and under pressure potential energy is converted, resulting in shear, impingement and cavitation effects. It can be applied to: cell wall breaking (animal and plant cells, bacteria, algae), emulsion homogenization (emulsions, microemulsions), clump mixing (nano suspensions, nano crystals), particle size reduction (e.g. liposomes), etc. The precision of the rotor and stator, the work head (rotor and stator forging manufacturing) claw structure, two-way suction, high shear efficiency, through the rotor high-speed smooth rotation, the formation of high-frequency, strong circumferential tangential velocity, angular velocity and other comprehensive kinetic efficiency; in the role of the stator, the stator and rotor in a reasonably narrow gap to form a strong, reciprocal fluid shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, liquid flow collision and other comprehensive effects In the stator and rotor, the material is circulated in the container and the above process, and finally the product is obtained.

lab homogenizer

With the development of biopharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food safety and other fields, more and more fields use to homogenizer. And the development of the experimental instrument industry, but also for the above industry laboratory provides a variety of different functions of the homogenizer. lab homogenizer principle: the experimental samples and solutions or solvents mixed uniformly, to achieve the standard solution required for the experiment.

lab homogenizer features.

1. Automation, high throughput: microcomputer control of the homogenization process, cleaning process, unattended completion of the homogenization process

2. A variety of standard and custom programs: batch processing sample sample weighing range, a variety of specifications sample rack for different capacity of the test tube

3. Low residual, less pollution: real-time flow of tap water, organic solvents, ultrasonic, a variety of cleaning mode free combination to ensure that the cleaning effect, each step of cleaning have independent double casing cleaning pool, as far as possible to reduce cross-contamination

4. Humanized quick operation: a key to select the number of cycles of the batch sample; a key cleaning pipeline function; program set the number of samples, automatic cleaning knife head process

5. protection function: with ultrasonic start without water protection and prompt function, external peristaltic pump head, easy to replace the pump tube, with imported high-quality peristaltic pump tube

Product parameters of lab homogenizer

Application industries of lab homogenizer.

1. Medicine - such as raw materials of Chinese medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine, etc.

2. Food - such as meat, fish and shrimp, fruits, vegetables, etc.

3. Cosmetics - such as facial creams, moisturizers, etc.

4. Ecological environment - such as plants, biological samples, etc.

5. Life science - such as animals, plant tissues, etc.
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