Homogenization Effect Is Less Than 100nm! Canadian Avestin Ultra High Pressure Nano Lab Homogenizer
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Homogenization Effect Is Less Than 100nm! Canadian Avestin Ultra High Pressure Nano Lab Homogenizer

Avestin is a professional manufacturer in the design, development and manufacturing of homogenizer in ultra-high pressure lab. With advanced nano level homogenization technology and equipment manufacturing process, avestin is synonymous with high quality and precision technology. From North America to Europe, from lab to production line, avestin equipment is favored in the high-tech fields such as medicine, fine chemical products, beauty, coating, food, biochemistry, etc

New features: Advanced nano level homogenization technology, homogenization, extrusion, filtration integration, complete product line, cell breakage, lipid preparation, fine dispersion, microemulsion.

Avestin emulsiflex high pressure lab homogenizer series

EF series lab homogenizer is superior to the same industry with its ability of continuous processing under 30000 psi / 200 MPa homogenization pressure. This feature makes EF lab homogenizer, no matter in the biological field of cell wall breaking, pharmaceutical industry of liposome development, emulsification development, fine dispersion of suspended particles, nano crystal, homogenization effect can be up to 100 nm. The minimum trial amount of equipment can be up to 7 ml, which is very suitable for Research and development of expensive drugs and preparations

Main features of emulsiflex:

1. It can be equipped with high pressure filter and extruder

2. Exquisite workmanship, not easy to wear, strong and durable

3. Homogenization, extrusion and filtration integrated equipment

4. Suitable for the use of expensive samples

5. Provide stainless steel heat exchanger to control inlet and outlet temperature

6. The processing capacity is from lab, pilot plant to production level, reaching the integrity index of product line in the process

7. All over wet parts can be sterilized under high pressure, and the dynamic adjustment of homogenizing valve can facilitate disassembly, inspection and reassembly

8. There is no O-ring and gasket in the whole sample path. All sealing technologies adopt high-cost and high-tech precision metal to metal or metal to ceramic sealing

9. The complete set of equipment supports full disassembly, high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization of all parts and online steam sterilization, fully in line with GMP standards and FDA requirements.

Emulsiflex-c series ultra high pressure nano lab homogenizer

Emulsiflex-c series ultra high pressure nano lab homogenizer

Key components analysis description

Key components analysis description

Main features:

1. Power component: pneumatic single plunger

2. Processing capacity: 1-5 L / h

3. Minimum sample size: 7 ml

4. Pressure regulation range: 3-204mpa

System hardware description:

1. pump

The homogenizer of emulsiflex-c5 lab is equipped with air drive device (high pressure pump) to ensure the product performance; there are no "O" ring, gasket and other loose and vulnerable parts in the product, and the gasket is high molecular polyethylene rubber gasket

2. homogeneous valve

Standard emulsiflex-c5 is a control power homogeneous valve driven by compressed air. Other seals are metal or metal ceramic to ensure integrity and high reliability

3. Output / pressure

The pump is driven by scientific research air, and the flow can be selected according to the homogeneous pressure. The adjustment range of homogeneous pressure is 500-30000 psi / 3.5-207mpa

4. Temperature control

The whole body of the instrument is waterproof, so that it can be completely immersed in the temperature control water tank for cooling and heating effect control

5. Cleaning and disinfection

Hot water, ethanol, acetone and other cleaning methods can be used for quick cleaning. After cleaning, the residual liquid system can be discharged automatically. If required, the homogenizing valve can also be cleaned and inspected strictly. All parts contacting the articles are FDA certified. The water inlet of the pump can be connected independently and support disinfection with steam (SIP)

6. Operation requirements

It is enough to use nitrogen cylinder and small compressor (3HP / 2.2kW) in the lab. The pressure of dispersion, emulsion, liposome and cell division can be easily reached at 85psi / 0.6MPa or more

Lipofast series

Basic type of lipofast basic and stabilizer

Principle: with sealed glass syringe and manual thrust, the material is forced to pass through the film inside the matrix to remove the particles and precipitates in the product, reduce the particle size of liposome and emulsion so as to facilitate aseptic filtration. The particle size distribution of extruded sample is uniform, so as to obtain homogeneous liposome nanoparticles

Temperature control: the whole liposfast portable liposome extruder can be used with water bath temperature control, and can be used with liposomes that are prone to deterioration in high temperature or with temperature sensitive compounds

Application: the instrument is very effective for reducing the particle size of materials, and can realize industrial scale-up and reduction of lab research results. It is widely used in liposome, fat emulsion, microemulsion, molecular biology and other fields, and any other experiments requiring homogenization of particles

Main features:

1. High cost performance

2. Processing capacity 0.2-1.0ml

3. Processing capacity 0.2-1 ml / time

4. The minimum residue is almost zero

5. The pressure module is made of stainless steel

6. Small and portable

7. It is easy to clean and can be sterilized by high pressure steam

8. The standard configuration is 100 nm filter membrane, and a variety of filter membranes are optional

9. This machine can extrude liposome in a short time, which is easy to operate

Basic type of lipofast basic and stabilizer

Ultramicro / portable liposome extruder

Ultramicro liposome extruder

portable liposome extruder

Features of lipofast series:

1. Imported from Canada

2. Experimental extruder widely favored by users all over the world

3. Very convenient operation

4. Low price

5. It is mainly used for particle size homogenization of pharmaceutical products

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