An Important Processing Equipment Of Food And Beverage -- Small Homogenizer
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Homogenization is a technology often used in the production of food or chemical industry. Homogenization in food processing refers to the refinement of materials under the triple action of extrusion, strong impact and pressure loss expansion, so that materials can be more evenly mixed with each other. For example, in dairy processing, small homogenizer is used to make the fat in milk smaller, so as to make the whole product system more stable. Milk will look whiter. Homogenization is mainly carried out by a small homogenizer. It is an important processing equipment for food, dairy and beverage industries.

An Important Processing Equipment Of Food And Beverage -- Small Homogenizer

The small homogenizer is a special equipment for liquid material homogenization and refinement and high-pressure transportation. The equipment is widely used in the production, scientific research and technological development of food, dairy products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and biotechnology.

(1) As a small homogenizer, it can refine and mix the material and liquid under the triple action of extrusion, strong impact on pressure loss and expansion. This equipment is an important processing equipment in the food, dairy and beverage industries. Homogenization of milk, soybean milk and other milk products under high pressure can significantly refine the fat ball in the milk, make the products easy to digest and absorb after eating, and improve the edible value. When used in the production of ice cream and other products, it can improve the fineness and looseness of liquid material, and obviously improve its internal texture. It is used in the production of emulsions, gels, fruit juices and serous liquid. It can prevent or reduce the stratification of the feed liquid, improve the appearance of the feed liquid, make its color more bright, fragrance more thick and taste more mellow.

(2) As high pressure conveying pump material, high pressure is generated through this equipment, and powder is made by spray drying equipment. It is an important equipment in powder production. The equipment can be used in other occasions of material liquid homogenization, high-pressure transportation and high-pressure injection.

2、 Structure the equipment consists of frame, transmission box, pump body, pressure gauge, homogenizer and other components. The machine is arranged vertically, the motor is installed in the frame, the transmission box is installed on the frame, and the pump body is connected with the transmission box. A belt of an electric motor and a gear shaft crankshaft of a transmission box drive the crankshaft, and the plunger is driven to and fro by the connecting rod slider. The movement of the plunger in the pump body forms suction and compression, and the pressure is formed by controlling the material liquid through the combined valve. When the small homogenizer is used for homogenization, it should be equipped with a homogenizer. At this time, the material liquid is pressed into the homogenizer. Through the function of a special homogenizer valve in the homogenizer, the material liquid is fully homogenized to refine the molecular mass and the composition and texture of the material liquid. When the machine is used as a high-pressure pump, it should be equipped with a high-pressure overflow device. At this time, the material liquid flows through the pump body and is pressed into the output port. When the pressure exceeds the setting range, the overflow valve will automatically open to form an internal discharge. When the pressure is lower than the setting value, the overflow valve will automatically close to make the material liquid safely transported within the setting pressure range.

The product has the following features:

1. The pressure control adopts two-stage mechanical pressure regulation, which is convenient for adjustment, safe and reliable;

2. The plunger adopts the new technology of wear-resistant alloy, spray alloy and ceramic, which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant;

3. The plunger high-pressure seal adopts self expanding ring, V-ring and other forms, with long service life;

4. The crankshaft transmission adopts the first level transmission mode, with stable rotation, small power loss and low noise;

5. The main parts are made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant alloy, meeting the requirements of food hygiene.

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