Important Factors Influencing The Effect Of Pneumatic Homogenizer
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Usually, the higher the homogenization pressure of pneumatic homogenizer, the better. Above all, the higher the homogenization pressure of the pneumatic homogenizer, the smaller and more uniform the particle size of the homogenized material. This makes the equipment more efficient, can pass fewer cycles to achieve the desired effect; secondly, the higher the homogenization pressure of pneumatic homogenizer, the more varieties of materials can be processed. For example, some liquid emulsions require only 2000 psi to be homogeneous below 100 nm, while some suspensions containing high-density solid particles require at least 26,000 psi to be processed to nanometer level under pressure.

pneumatic homogenizer

However, the higher the homogenization pressure, the higher the calorific value. The high temperature will affect the homogenization of materials. Therefore, in general, 30 000 psi is the high pressure of ultra-high pressure homogeneous in the absence of cooling methods.

When the pneumatic homogenizer reaches the required particle size, the distribution of particle size should be centralized, and there should not be a situation where the particle size of the homogenized material varies from tens of nanometers to several microns, especially the content of large particles after homogenization.

The difference between a pneumatic homogenizer and manual homogenizer

Manual homogenizer pressurizes material through manual lever organization. Because of the manual pressurization, the production capacity is low, but it has the advantages of quick disassembly and assembly, a portable, small amount of materials needed together, very suitable for small experiments, can fully meet the development needs of the laboratory.

manual homogenizer

The pneumatic homogenizer is powered by a motor, which is further subdivided into mechanical and hydraulic types.

Mechanical pneumatic homogenizer: The motor drives the crankshaft to make the plunger move to and fro, directly pressurizing the material. After several groups of plungers supply continuous pressure, the homogeneous pressure is higher, the output is larger, but the small amount of material is larger. A motor-driven crankshaft needs multi-stage deceleration organization so that the equipment efficiency in general and the volume is larger. Suitable for large-scale production.

Hydraulic pneumatic homogenizer: The motor drives the oil pump and pressurizes the material through the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system can provide higher pressure, higher equipment efficiency, relatively small volume, and a smaller amount of material. It can be used in experiment and production together.

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