Working Principle of Homogenize Pump
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Homogenize Pumps are equipment that efficiently, rapidly and evenly transfer one or more phases (liquids, solids, gases) into another incompatible connected phase (general liquids). In general, each phase is incompatible with each other. When the external energy is input, the two materials are reconstituted into Homogenize Pump. Because of the high tangential velocity and the weak kinetic energy brought by the high-frequency mechanical effect, the Homogenize Pump is subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shearing, centrifugal kneading, liquid layer collision, impact tearing and turbulence, and so on, forming the suspension (solid / liquid) and emulsion (liquid / solid). Body / liquid) and foam (gas / liquid).

Homogenize Pump

The Homogenize Pump makes the immiscible solid phase, liquid phase, and vapor phase emulsify uniformly and precisely instantaneously under the combined action of the corresponding mature technology and appropriate additives. Through the reciprocating circulation of the high-frequency Homogenize Pump, in the narrow space chamber, there are 1-3 sets of double-biting multi-layer stator, rotor and high speed under the drive of the motor. The material is sucked into the cavity by weak axial suction in rotation. In the shortest period of time, the size of particle size distribution is obviously narrowed when the material is treated by ripping, shearing and emulsifying. From this, a precise and long-term stable product can be produced.

Applications: Biomedicine; Food Industry; Daily Care Products; Coatings and Inks; Nanomaterials; Petrochemical Industry; Printing and Dyeing Auxiliaries; Paper Industry; Pesticide and Chemical Fertilizer; Plastic Rubber; Power Electronics; Mixing, Dispersion and Emulsification of Other Precision Chemicals.

The product is suitable for small and medium batch production cycle process, short-distance transportation and homogeneous emulsification operation. If it is used in conjunction with vertical high shear, Homogenize Pump is better. Rulong adopts the multi-purpose mixed emulsifying equipment made by advanced German technology. The professional manufacturing technology and precision of this product are basically close to those of the same kind in Germany.

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