Application of Lab Homogenizer and The Five Performance Characteristics of Lab Homogenizer
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Application of Lab Homogenizer and The Five Performance Characteristics of Lab Homogenizer

Application of Lab Homogenizer

Lab homogenizer is mainly used for tissue dispersion in biotechnology, sample preparation in medicine, enzymatic treatment in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, paint industry, and petrochemical industry. The device adopts stainless steel system, which can effectively separate the surface of the sample and the microorganisms included. The sample is packed in a disposable sterile homogeneous bag without contacting with the instrument and meets the requirements of fast, accurate and good repeatability.

1. Lab homogenizer is stable in operation, low noise, convenient in cleaning, flexible and can be used continuously. It can disperse and emulsify materials superfine. It can be widely used in emulsification, homogenization, and dispersion of industrial production.

2. Lab homogenizer can refine and mix the material under the triple action of extrusion, strong impact, and pressure-loss expansion.

3. Lab homogenizer of milk, soybean milk and other dairy beverages under high pressure can significantly refine the fat globules in the milk, make the products easy to digest and absorb after eating and improve the use-value.

4. Lab homogenizer used in the production of ice cream and other products can improve the fineness and looseness of the liquid, and make its internal texture significantly improved.

5. Lab homogenizer used in the production of emulsions, adhesives, juices, and serums can prevent or reduce the grading of materials, improve the appearance of materials, make them brighter in color, stronger in aroma and more mellow in taste.

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