Structural Characteristics of Small Homogenizer
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The small homogenizer consists of a homogenizing system, transmission system, smooth cooling system, and frame. When the small homogenizer works, it opens and closes the one-way valve core and seat of the pump body through the reciprocating motion of the plunger, and forms a high-pressure liquid flow inside the pump body. When the high-pressure liquid flow passes through the small clearance of the homogenizer valve, it is subjected to the combined forces of high-speed impact, extrusion, shearing, cavitation, and turbulence, so that the small homogenizer reaches homogenization emulsification and turbulence. Breaking work.

small homogenizer

Constructional Characteristics of Small Homogenizer

1. The exterior of the small homogenizer is covered with stainless steel wire drawing pattern board, which has reached the GMP certification standard of the pharmaceutical industry and is beautiful and generous.

2. Pressure control of small homogenizer adopts two-stage mechanical pressure regulation, which is convenient and safe.

3. Small Homogeneous Mobile Transmission System

The whole machine is divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. Its transmission system is divided into one-stage belt drive and two-stage transmission equipped with special deceleration installation. Three plungers and multi-plungers are adopted respectively.

Power smooth installation can be divided into a pressure oil pump smooth system and self-splashing smooth system. The crankshaft of the power system is made of wear-resisting ductile iron and processed by fine processing. At the same time, the crankshaft journal is treated by advanced laser surface quenching technology. It's surface hardness is HRC55-60, and it forms a network pattern. It has greatly improved and maintained a good smooth state, thus prolonging its service life several times.

4. The pump body of the small homogenizer is forged by high-quality stainless steel and constructed by a straight-through three-way body, which can effectively avoid the convergence of internal stress and prevent cracking.

5. Homogeneous Valve and Plunger Seal of Small Homogenizer

In order to meet the needs of users, through the design improvement of the homogeneous valve, the efficiency of homogenization can be greatly improved, and the product after homogenization can be more stable.

Homogeneous Valve for Special Ceramic Materials: It is made of several kinds of ceramics, suitable for grinding products with higher hardness, and can also be made of Stellite or Stellite alloys.

Tungsten carbide material manufacturing.

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