What is a Small Homogenizer and what industries are small homogenizers used in?
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The unique operation principle of small homogenizer provides a simple and effective way for the innovation of numerous technological processes and the development and application of various new products. Increase shelf life; Reduce reaction time and thus save large amounts of catalysts or additives; Change the consistency of products to improve the taste and color of products, etc. Typical small homogenizer fields are as follows:

small homogenizer

Chemical industry for small homogenizer: paint, all kinds of emulsifiers, fuel oil disinfectant, pesticides, sensitive emulsions, rubber pulp, resin glue, thickener, bentonite, essence, silicon materials, carbon black, magnesium oxide, titanium dioxide, etc.


Cosmetics industry for small homogenizer: detergent, conditioner, lotion, perfume, etc. Food and beverage industry: soybean milk, cow's milk, peanut milk, concentrated milk, cream, mixed cheese, all kinds of pulp natural drinks, ice cream, pollen liquid and other Chinese and western health and nutrition liquid, food additives, all kinds of condiments.


Pharmaceutical industry for small homogenizer: antibiotics, antacids, liquid slurry preparations, intravenous emulsions, etc.


Meanwhile, as a professional homogenizer factory, we also provide small homogenizer for sale services.

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