Changzhou Chaoli is a professional homogenizer manufacturer and homogenizing factory, focusing on research & design, manufacturing, sales, and services in pneumatic homogenizer, lab homogenizer, manual homogenizer, industrial homogenizer, small homogenizer and Homogenize Pump and so on. The factory covers an area of 20 acres, located in Changzhou, which is in one of the most developed areas of the Yangtse River Economical Developing Zone, near the Shanghai-Nanjing railway and express highway, the transportation is very convenient. The homogenizer manufacturer was established in 1992 and we take the road of technological development, under the leadership of senior experts in the past twenty years, we have had rich experience in homogenizer development and production. We are constantly perfecting our technology and pursuing perfect quality for our products. Since our Homogenizer products have been put on the market twenty years ago we have got good feedback on our products of high capacity, stability, high homogenizing quality, long in-service time, and low noise, and they are used widely in the Dairy and beverage industry.


Since our Homogenizer products have been put into the market we have won warm praise from customers and our products have been sold well all over the country, meanwhile, we also exported our products to Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, and other countries.

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We will continue to provide better services as we always did before, continue to innovate, and provide better quality homogenizers.

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