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Small Homogenizer

The small homogenizer for sale is a kind of versatile equipment that can make liquid substances into a high-pressing spray or homogeneous thinning.

The small homogenizer for sale is a kind of versatile equipment that can make liquid substances into a high-pressing spray or homogeneous thinning. The small homogenizer for sale is usually used in the production of dairy products such as milk, yogurt, ice cream, beverages such as juice, soy milk, peanut milk, etc.

Small Homogenizer

Detailed Description Of Small Homogenizer

Smooth and beautiful. The maximum pressure is 150 Mpa. The internal materials are high strength, high hardness and wear-resistant materials such as tungsten carbide, silicon nitride, and ceramics. The service life is long and the breakage rate is obvious. It is widely used in high-tech fields such as fine chemical industry, pharmacy, bioengineering, nanotechnology and so on.

The key to the preparation of small homogenizer is to control the size and uniform distribution of particles. In order to reduce and eliminate the agglomeration of particles, the small homogenizer can prepare uniform particles of 0.1-0.5um size through multiple homogenization processes at high pressure of over 100Mpa, using the hole blasting method.

Ultra-fine crushing of ink-jet ink, dyes and biological wall-breaking by small homogenizer has excellent particle size distribution and can obtain narrow and uniform particle size distribution.

GJB homogeneous pump is widely used equipment that can spray liquid material to form a high-pressure spray or homogenize material.

(1) liquid-solid (powder) homogenized stable dispersions (homogenate) are used in beverage and food industry, ice cream dairy sauce, paste, cocoa, coffee, fruit tea, vegetable protein beverage, green drink, chocolate milk, natural practical pigment, essence bean milk powder.

(2) applied to cosmetics, facial cleanser, lipstick, skin cream, conditioner, perfume, shampoo and styling water.

(3) Biological cells break up a pinch of inclusions or make new products, liquid-liquid homogeneous into oil-in-water or oil-in-water emulsions, which are used in bioengineering: crushing yeasts and other fungi and algae, etc.

(4) Used in pharmaceutical intravenous injection, oral liquid, ointment, tablet sugar coating, fat emulsion, etc.

(5) used in chemical industry, insecticide, paint, disinfectant emulsion dye, resin, rosin, rubber latex, film coloring agent, viscous additive, lubricating oil, lithium grease, silicone emulsion, wax agent, organosilicon dyeing auxiliaries, etc.

Main Features Of Small Homogenizer:

1. Two-stage homogenization, equipped with ceramic homogenization valve

2. Handwheel regulating two-stage homogeneous pressure

3. Stella Alloy Ball Valve, Carbon Tungsten Alloy Seat

4. High-pressure plunger seal, PVDF/EPDM material, maximum working temperature is 100 degrees

5. Electroplated plunger

6. Homogeneous chamber with pointer diaphragm pressure gauge

7. Stainless steel hopper

8. The filler in contact with the material is EPDM material, the maximum working temperature is 100 degrees.

9. Internal wiring, complete lubrication system

10. With steering marks and polished stainless steel housing

Technical Parameters Of Small Homogenizer:

Technical Parameters

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